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The longer I work with customers the more I realise that the majority of us who suffer from food are just hurting in some way and want to find love/comfort from Melbourne Bat Removal. We might have a very loving relationship with someone else but when we do not love ourselves there’s something missing and we use food to fill the gap. For others it may be alcohol, drugs, smoking or gambling.

However food appears to be the most common since it is fast and simple, not hurting anyone else and can be easily concealed. Unfortunately however, we just feel great for a split second with the first taste, then the guilt sets in, we feel uneasy and begin to beat ourselves up which only leads to more eating or bingeing. Unfortunately eating food just keeps the emotion inside of us. Rather than confronting our issues, we eat that only creates further issues.

The only time that our body really wants food is when it’s physically hungry. So if we eat for emotional reasons, it does not work, because our body does not want food, it needs comfort in another way. We keep eating waiting for that magical remedy that never comes.

This may then fill the physical need and empower us to find positive, empowering things which will serve the psychological need. The excellent thing about organic eating is that it’s based on awareness. As soon as you are conscious of your habits/triggers about food you can make a different option.

The secret is to honor your emotions, notice that you’re sad or lonely or stressed out. Sometimes a good cry is your response as this lets you find the emotion out of your body. Other methods of doing this is to laugh, sing, shout or do something physical like jogging, biking or martial arts.

You will discover that it’s based around certain events and activities that have led to negative habits. Because once you’re aware of what you’re doing you can find a way to prevent those triggers and make distinct positive decisions.

I am a wife and mother who has recovered from twenty years of weight and food related problems. I used to binge on food uncontrollably and then exercise too to eliminate it.

Eating for Comfort

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